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Natural supplements can be dangerously contaminated, or not even have the specified ingredients

Some supplement products contain substances that are harmful. Getty Images / David Malan C. Michael White, University of Connecticut More than two-thirds of Americans take dietary supplements. The vast majority of consumers – 84% – are confident the products are safe and effective. They should not be so trusting. I’m a professor of pharmacy practice at the University of Connecticut. …

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CBD: Rising star or popular fad?

CBD, made from hemp, is being hyped as treatment for pain, nausea and a variety of maladies. But studies so far do not show benefit in humans. ElRoi/Shutterstock.com Jenny Wilkerson, University of Florida and Lance McMahon, University of Florida Cannabidiol, or CBD, has become a household name. On many social media sites, people suggest “but have you tried CBD oil?” …

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No, CBD is not a miracle molecule that can cure coronavirus, just as it won’t cure many other maladies its proponents claim

Health fads have come and gone over the decades. Is CBD another one? Getty Images / Lauri Patterson C. Michael White, University of Connecticut The claims for CBD’s alleged healing powers have been so exaggerated that it’s no surprise that a CBD maker was recently warned by the New York attorney general for claiming that the molecule can fight COVID-19. …

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دائرة عصبية دماغية تحثنا على الأكل من أجل المتعة

Credit: Getty

في بعض الأحيان، قد يبدو من المستحيل أن ترفض تناوُل ولو قطعة صغيرة من الكعك، حتى بعد الانتهاء من تناول وجبةٍ دسِمة. وها قد اكتشف العلماء دائرةً عصبية في الدماغ قد تساعد على تفسير تلك السهولة الشديدة للإفراط في تناول الطعام. ففي دراسةٍ جديدة على الفئران، أجراها الباحث سكوت ستيرنسون -من مُجمَّع جانيليا البحثي في مدينة أشبورن بولاية فرجينيا الأمريكية- …

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Why lockdowns don’t necessarily infringe on freedom

Annelien de Dijn, Utrecht University Europe is dealing with its “second wave” of COVID-19. And governments seem powerless to stem the tide. Dutch political leaders find it difficult to convince their citizens to wear face masks. A large majority of French voters think that Emmanuel Macron’s government has handled the pandemic badly. And Boris Johnson, Britain’s prime minister, is facing …

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Winter exercise is important for maintaining physical and mental health

Exercise improves physical health, immunity, and can reduce fatigue. Maridav/ Shutterstock Ruth Lowry, University of Essex and Jo Barton, University of Essex As winter descends on the northern hemisphere and the temperature drops and daylight hours shorten, many people may want to spend more time indoors. And those of us under lockdown for the second time may feel even less …

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Domestic abuse and mental ill-health: twin shadow pandemics stalk the second wave

MIA Studio/Shutterstock Michaela Rogers, University of Sheffield and Parveen Azam Ali, University of Sheffield The coronavirus crisis has been stalked by two shadow pandemics – one of domestic abuse and one of mental health. Since the first outbreak of the virus, numerous reports have highlighted a marked increase in forms of domestic violence and abuse, especially intimate partner violence and …

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Six evidenced-based ways to look after your mental health during a second lockdown

How to be resilient when everything feels out of control. Timothy Kuiper/Shutterstock Christian van Nieuwerburgh, University of East London Already experiencing pandemic fatigue, many of us feel ill-prepared for another lockdown. Yet this is what we must do, and maybe not for the last time. The problem is, the pervasive effects of the pandemic and the restrictions imposed as a …

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