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L’Iran sur le qui-vive face à la menace djihadiste

Didier Chaudet, Institut français d’études sur l’Asie centrale Le 7 juin 2017, des terroristes affiliés à Daech ont attaqué le Parlement iranien et le mausolée de Khomeini. Rappel marquant, pour celles et ceux qui ne le savaient pas encore, que le djihadisme a fait des chiites et de l’Iran des cibles de choix. Pour Téhéran, cette menace est au cœur des …

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How Russian is Ukraine? (Clue: not as much as Vladimir Putin insists)

Olivia Durand, University of Oxford A political pamphlet published in 1762 described a conversation between “Great Russia” and “Little Russia”. In the exchange, the latter refused to be simply reduced to part of Great Russia and put forward its own unique history and identity. At the time, the name “Ukraine” did not yet designate a state. But the noun ukraina …

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Omicron may reach millions before vaccines do – but that doesn’t mean race to vaccinate the world is over

Michael Head, University of Southampton The pandemic is accelerating. It’s estimated that there could be 3 billion new infections globally over the next three months thanks to the highly infectious omicron variant. Large outbreaks are ongoing across Europe and North America and cases are also rising in many other countries. Omicron has now reached most corners of the world – …

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