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How the Bui Dam set up China’s future engagement strategy with Ghana

The Bui Dam is a tangible reminder of China’s influence in Ghana. Wikimedia Commons Kwame Adovor Tsikudo, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Aid, trade and foreign direct investments typify China’s global rise and its African activities. Central to China’s expanding relationship with African countries is infrastructure, including fibre optics, transport networks and energy-generating projects. In addition, China supports African projects …

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Russia and Syria: bound together in a mission that is far from accomplished

Scott Lucas, University of Birmingham All the standard public relations ploys were in evidence for the recent meeting between Syria’s leader Bashar al-Assad and Russian envoy Alexander Lavrentiev in Damascus. More than 230 officials from 30 federal executive bodies, five Russian regions, and the Russian defence ministry had trekked to the Syrian capital. There were 15 agreements and memorandums on …

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The story of an African children’s book that explains the science of skin colour

Shutterstock Nina G. Jablonski, Penn State Skin We Are In is a landmark South African book for children (and grown-ups) on the subject of skin colour. Published in 2018, it was co-authored by an artist and a scientist, both South African luminaries – the author Sindiwe Magona and the anthropologist and palaeobiologist Nina Jablonski. Here they talk about how – …

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