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The science that is helping researchers find the ‘disappeared’ in Latin America

Jamie Pringle, Keele University; Alejandra Baena, Universidad Antonio Nariño; Carlos Martín Molina, Universidad Antonio Nariño; Kristopher Wisniewski, Keele University, and Vivienne Heaton, Keele University In most Latin American countries where there has been a high level of civil conflict over the past few decades, there are still huge numbers of missing people due to forced disappearances. In Colombia alone this …

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The journey to a pig-heart transplant began 60 years ago

Surgeon at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore, holding up the genetically modified heart that would be transplanted into David Bennett. University of Maryland School of Medicine Daniel M Davis, University of Manchester On Friday, January 7 2022, David Bennett became the world’s first person to successfully receive a transplant of a pig’s heart. The eight-hour-long operation by …

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We studied the sounds of mosquitoes’ mating rituals – our findings could help fight malaria

mycteria/Shutterstock Joerg T Albert, UCL; Alex Alampounti, UCL, and Marcos Georgiades, UCL In 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that almost half the world’s population was at risk of malaria, while some 627,000 people died from the disease. Although a malaria vaccine may soon be available (the WHO recommended one for children last year), malaria is just one of …

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