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Metal pollution is leaving scallops helpless against crabs and lobsters

Will Notley, Author provided Bryce Stewart, University of York and Roland Kröger, University of York Shellfish such as scallops, mussels and oysters – bivalve molluscs – readily take up tiny specs of metals into their tissues and shells. In sufficient concentrations this can harm their growth and survival chances, and even threaten the health of any human who eats their …

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How we discovered three new species of penguin in the Southern Ocean

P. poncetii in South Georgia. Gemma Clucas Jane Younger, University of Bath When you think of scientists discovering new species, you might imagine searching the Amazon rainforest for new types of insect or the depths of the ocean for undiscovered crustaceans. But these days most new species we discover are found hiding in plain sight. Such “hidden” species can look …

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