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The Atlantic: The driving force behind ocean circulation and our taste for cod

Fishing boats coming into Le Guilvinec, Brittany, France, at the end of the day. Photoneye/Shutterstock Suzanne OConnell, Wesleyan University and Pascal Le Floc’h, Université de Bretagne occidentale “Did the Atlantic close and then reopen?” That was the question posed in a 1966 paper by the Canadian geophysicist J. Tuzo Wilson. The answer? Yes, over millions of years. And it was …

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An ocean like no other: the Southern Ocean’s ecological richness and significance for global climate

Shutterstock/CherylRamalho Ceridwen Fraser, University of Otago; Christina Hulbe, University of Otago; Craig Stevens, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, and Huw Griffiths, British Antarctic Survey In 2018, a map named after an oceanographer went viral. The so-called Spilhaus projection, in which Earth is viewed from above the South Pole, was designed to show the connected nature of the ocean …

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