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7 tips for staying safe as COVID-19 cases rise and colder weather heightens the risk

Simple steps like wearing a face mask can lower the risk of getting COVID-19 for the wearers and those around them. Jennah Moon/Getty Images Melissa Burdi, Purdue University As temperatures fall, people are spending more time indoors. That heightens the risk of the coronavirus spreading, but there are some simple steps you can take to help protect yourself and everyone …

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Natural supplements can be dangerously contaminated, or not even have the specified ingredients

Some supplement products contain substances that are harmful. Getty Images / David Malan C. Michael White, University of Connecticut More than two-thirds of Americans take dietary supplements. The vast majority of consumers – 84% – are confident the products are safe and effective. They should not be so trusting. I’m a professor of pharmacy practice at the University of Connecticut. …

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Ghana’s politics has strong ties with performing arts. This is how it started

The Tempos band were known for their political songs. JCollins-BAPMAF Archives Edmund John Collins, University of Ghana Towards the end of the Kwame Nkrumah era in 1966, a number of highlife artists wrote songs critical of him as Ghana’s president. But during the period leading up to independence in 1957 and the early years of independence, most Ghanaian popular artists …

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