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Apartheid’ claim, Israel and the verdict of international law

Leonie Fleischmann, City, University of London Discrimination against Palestinians by Israeli laws and policies amount to the crime of apartheid, according to a recent report from Human Rights Watch. The 213-page report, released on April 27, accuses Israel of operating a system of apartheid in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. It concludes that “in certain areas … they amount to the …

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Remote working: why some people are less productive at home than others – new research

Production line 2021. Helena Lopes Stephen Bevan, Lancaster University Has working at home during lockdown made people more productive or not? This has been the subject of some lively debate recently. Many companies do not routinely measure productivity. A large number will have traditionally assumed that they get the highest output when staff work longer hours or under close supervision, …

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Maras, yihadistas, sicarios, niños soldado: ¿Cuál es la lógica de la crueldad?

Shutterstock / J.J. Gouin Karina G. Garcia Reyes, University of Bristol Los antropólogos tratan de entender la violencia desde la cultura en la que esta se genera. Pero ¿cómo se pueden explicar similares actos de sadismo e impunidad entre jóvenes de mundos tan distintos como los pandilleros salvadoreños o los niños soldados en Sierra Leona? El antropólogo y fotoperiodista holandés …

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