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Discovery of two new giant radio galaxies offers fresh insights into the universe

The two giant radio galaxies found with the MeerKAT telescope. In the background is the sky as seen in optical light. Overlaid in red is the radio light from the enormous radio galaxies, as seen by MeerKAT. I. Heywood (Oxford/Rhodes/SARAO) Jacinta Delhaize, University of Cape Town Two giant radio galaxies have been discovered with South Africa’s powerful MeerKAT telescope, located …

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Climate change: what would 4°C of global warming feel like?

Lunatictm/Shutterstock Robert Wilby, Loughborough University Another year, another climate record broken. Globally, 2020 tied with 2016 as the warmest year ever recorded. This was all the more remarkable given that cool conditions in the Pacific Ocean – known as La Niña – began to emerge in the second half of the year. The Earth’s mean surface temperature in 2020 was …

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Virus evolution could undermine a COVID-19 vaccine – but this can be stopped

Could SARS-CoV-2 evolve to dodge the vaccine? Jose A. Bernat Bacete/Moment collection/Getty Images Andrew Read, Penn State and David Kennedy, Penn State The first drug against HIV brought dying patients back from the brink. But as excited doctors raced to get the miracle drug to new patients, the miracle melted away. In each and every patient, the drug only worked …

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