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Débat : les langues régionales peuvent-elles survivre sans politique linguistique ?

Journée des résultats du vote de la loi Molac relative aux langues régionales, Assemblée Nationale, le 8 avril 2021. AFP / L. Marin Cameron Morin, Université de Paris and Médéric Gasquet-Cyrus, Aix-Marseille Université (AMU) Le 8 avril 2021, une majorité de députés du Parlement français adoptaient une proposition de loi relative à la « protection » et la « promotion » des langues régionales de …

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The truth about racial inequalities and COVID-19 – and what should be done to address the long-term impacts

Kuba Shand-Baptiste, The Conversation It didn’t take long for the world to feel the pandemic’s impact on existing inequalities. A year after the arrival of COVID-19, however, and many of those outcomes have proven to be far more wide-reaching and devastating than anticipated, especially where race and ethnicity is concerned. As more research emerged over the course of the past …

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Herd immunity: can the UK get there?

Adam Kleczkowski, University of Strathclyde Now that Britain and the US are crossing the 50% threshold of their populations vaccinated with the first dose, are they reaching herd immunity and can things return to normal soon? Not yet, is the short answer. And focusing on a single number is not helpful. It might encourage behaviour that would lead to another …

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