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Afghanistan: Taliban plans for suicide brigade reveal changing nature of warfare in 21st century

Lily Hamourtziadou, Birmingham City University The Taliban recently announced it will establish a battalion of suicide attackers as part of the national army of Afghanistan. These “martyrdom brigades” will be “under the control of the ministry of defence and will be used for special operations,” according to Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid. This was condemned as “horrific and appalling” by Shaharzad …

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China’s Uighur Muslims are trapped in a cycle of violence

Enze Han, SOAS, University of London As the Islamic holy month of Ramadan ended, lethal violence flared up in China’s Xinjiang province – the latest grim entry in the saga of terrorism and repression that surrounds the region’s Uighur Muslim minority. Every year during Ramadan, China’s religious policies in Xinjiang come under international scrutiny – particularly with regard to the …

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L’État islamique en Irak : un djihadisme ritualisé

Myriam Benraad, Leiden University Dimanche 23 septembre 2018, cinq membres de l’État islamique étaient arrêtés par la police et les forces spéciales irakiennes à Mossoul, dans le cadre d’une vaste opération d’arrestations contre les militants de l’organisation terroriste ayant survécu à l’assaut militaire de 2017 dans cette même ville. Ces hommes s’étaient, pour la plupart, cachés dans les tunnels secrets de la …

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