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Why sleep is so important for losing weight

Sleep is important for many aspects of our health. Stock-Asso/ Shutterstock Emma Sweeney, Nottingham Trent University and Ian Walshe, Northumbria University, Newcastle When it comes to weight loss, diet and exercise are usually thought of as the two key factors that will achieve results. However, sleep is an often-neglected lifestyle factor that also plays an important role. The recommended sleep …

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Finds in Tanzania’s Olduvai Gorge reveal how ancient humans adapted to change

The research site at the Olduvai Gorge. Author supplied Julio Mercader Florin, University of Calgary The ability to adapt to changing environments has deep roots. In a technology-driven world, people tend to conflate adaptability with technological change, especially when it comes to navigating adverse climates and places. But not every technological revolution is a result of environmental change. Sometimes existing …

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Alzheimer’s: new research shows a leap forward in identifying neurons vulnerable to the disease

The loss of neurons leads to degeneration. adike/ Shutterstock Eleftheria Kodosaki, Cardiff University Alzheimer’s disease is a devastating condition that is currently unstoppable and incurable. The main cause of the disease is the loss of neurons and other brain cells in the brain – also know as degeneration. This degeneration is what leads to problems with memory and other cognitive …

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