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Forests go into growth ‘overdrive’ to recover from drought – new study

Tom Ovenden, Author provided Tom Ovenden, University of Stirling and Alistair Jump, University of Stirling One in 12 people could face severe drought every year by 2100, according to a recent study. And water stored on two-thirds of the Earth’s land surface will shrink as the climate warms. As plant ecologists, we’re concerned with what that means for forests – …

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Joggers and cyclists should wear masks – here’s why

Tom Wang/Shutterstock Trish Greenhalgh, University of Oxford England is deep into its third lockdown, yet the daily tally of new COVID cases and deaths remains sickeningly high. As Chris Whitty, the country’s chief medical officer, said recently, more needs to be done to bring the pandemic under control. Masks, which when worn correctly are highly effective in reducing transmission, are …

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Are the brains of atheists different to those of religious people? Scientists are trying to find out

Do atheists think differently? patrice6000/Shutterstock Miguel Farias, Coventry University The cognitive study of religion has recently reached a new, unknown land: the minds of unbelievers. Do atheists think differently from religious people? Is there something special about how their brains work? To illustrate what they’ve found, I will focus on three key snapshots. The first one, from 2003, is probably …

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