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How an independent tribunal came to rule that China is guilty of genocide against the Uyghurs

David Tobin, University of Sheffield After 18 months of deliberations and three hearings of evidence from witnesses and experts – including anthropologists, political scientists and international lawyers – the London-based Uyghur Tribunal has ruled that the People’s Republic of China (PRC) is guilty of crimes against humanity and genocide, by coercive birth control. The Uyghur Tribunal is an independent people’s …

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‘Go toss your cookies elsewhere’: ten phrases that cause confusion across the Anglosphere

‘No worries’: this Australian slang was popularised in the 1980s by the hugely popular comedy film, Crocodile Dundee. Allstar Picture Library Ltd/Alamy Stock Photo Simon Horobin, University of Oxford An annual list of “banished words” compiled by Lake Superior State University in Michigan has caused a stir by including the distinctively Australian phrase “no worries”. Dislike of this idiom appears …

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Here’s where (and how) you are most likely to catch COVID – new study

VGstockstudio/Shutterstock Trish Greenhalgh, University of Oxford; Jose-Luis Jimenez, University of Colorado Boulder; Shelly Miller, University of Colorado Boulder, and Zhe Peng, University of Colorado Boulder Two years into the pandemic, most of us are fed up. COVID case rates are higher than they’ve ever been and hospitalisation rates are once again rising rapidly in many countries. Against this bleak picture, …

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