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COVID-19: why infection rates among double-vaccinated older adults look worse than they are

Colin Angus, University of Sheffield Recently, ITV journalist Robert Peston caught COVID, despite being double vaccinated. This set Peston wondering how common it is for the fully vaccinated to get the disease. His analysis is now complete. The headline is fairly alarming: “Data shows infections high among double vaxxed for those aged 40 to 79.” Although, perhaps not as alarming …

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Loneliness, loss and regret: what getting old really feels like – new study

Sam Carr, University of Bath and Chao Fang, University of Bath Paula* had not been living in her retirement apartment for very long when I arrived for our interview. She welcomed me into a modern, comfortable home. We sat in the living room, taking in the impressive view from her balcony and our conversation unfolded. Paula, 72, told me how …

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¿Qué podemos aprender del poeta Walt Whitman?

Walt Whitman, 1887. George C. Cox / United States Library of Congress’ Antonio Fernández Vicente, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha A quien quiera vivir: Aquí hallará algunas sencillas lecciones de Walt Whitman, uno de los padres del trascendentalismo, nacido hace ya 200 años. Viva deliberadamente y experimente por sí mismo No permita que otro le cuente lo que es la vida. …

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