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As far as the moon and back, twice: here’s a look at the most extraordinary journeys migrating birds make

Around 40% of the world’s birds migrate. Kranich17/Pixabay Jeremy Smith, University of South Wales Every year, millions of birds criss-cross the planet, soaring above our heads in search of food, warmth and mates. From pole to pole, here are some of the most remarkable journeys made by our feathered friends. So-called “summer migrants”, like the common cuckoo, are bird species …

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Hasta aquí su identidad: los límites (lingüísticos) de la pertenencia al grupo

Melitas / Shutterstock Pedro Álvarez Mosquera, Universidad de Salamanca Nuestro cerebro está diseñado para categorizar, es decir, para meter la realidad que nos rodea en cajas. Es un mecanismo que nos permite, desde una edad muy temprana, hacer frente a nuestro día a día. A medida que aprendemos a interaccionar con nuestro entorno, generamos categorías en nuestra mente que optimizan …

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Back pain: why exercise can provide relief – and how to do it safely

Our spines are designed to move. Stock-Asso/ Shutterstock Suzanne McDonough, RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences; Joanne Marley, Ulster University, and Michael Thacker, RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences After many months in lockdown, a lot of us are finding that we’re experiencing back pain that we hadn’t been bothered by before. There could be many reasons for …

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