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When the line between machine and artist becomes blurred

Mario Klingemann’s ‘Neural Glitch Portrait 153552770’ was created using a generative adversarial network. Mario Klingemann, Author provided Ahmed Elgammal, Rutgers University With AI becoming incorporated into more aspects of our daily lives, from writing to driving, it’s only natural that artists would also start to experiment with artificial intelligence. In fact, Christie’s just sold its first piece of AI art …

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The fourth agricultural revolution is coming – but who will really benefit?


kung_tom/shutterstock David Rose, University of Reading and Charlotte-Anne Chivers, University of Gloucestershire Depending on who you listen to, artificial intelligence may either free us from monotonous labour and unleash huge productivity gains, or create a dystopia of mass unemployment and automated oppression. In the case of farming, some researchers, business people and politicians think the effects of AI and other …

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Why AI can’t ever reach its full potential without a physical body

EPSRC prize winning photograph by Alexander James Spence, Author provided

EPSRC prize winning photograph by Alexander James Spence, Author provided Mark Lee, Aberystwyth University Artificial intelligence seems to be making enormous advances. It has become the key technology behind self-driving cars, automatic translation systems, speech and textual analysis, image processing and all kinds of diagnosis and recognition systems. In many cases, AI can surpass the best human performance levels at …

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