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Emily Dickinson is the unlikely hero of our time

‘The Dyings have been too deep for me,’ Dickinson wrote in 1884. Wikimedia Commons Matthew Redmond, Stanford University Since her death in 1886, Emily Dickinson has haunted us in many forms. She has been the precocious “little dead girl” admired by distinguished men; the white-clad, solitary spinster languishing alone in her bedroom; and, in more recent interpretations, the rebellious teenager …

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What we can learn about isolation from prison artists

Oliger Merko, ‘Season of Love’ detail, oil on canvas, 2014. Prison Creative Arts Project, Author provided Janie Paul, University of Michigan Over the past few months, most of us have found ourselves in unfamiliar territory trying to shape the formlessness of our days while contending with physical separation. Many incarcerated people, however, have spent years figuring out what to do …

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