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One skill that doesn’t deteriorate with age

Reading and writing can prevent cognitive decline. AJP/Shutterstock.com Roger J. Kreuz, University of Memphis When Toni Morrison died on Aug. 5, the world lost one of its most influential literary voices. But Morrison wasn’t a literary wunderkind. “The Bluest Eye,” Morrison’s first novel, wasn’t published until she was 39. And her last, “God Help the Child,” appeared when she was …

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Así deberían ser las clases de Lengua, según la ciencia

Shutterstock / Alexander_P Silvia Gumiel Molina, Universidad de Alcalá and Isabel Pérez-Jiménez, Universidad de Alcalá En estos días en los que se cierne sobre nosotros una nueva reforma educativa (y no importa la fecha en la que lea usted esto), lingüistas, físicas, biólogos, matemáticas y otros científicos nos preguntamos si esta vez quienes diseñan los contenidos se pararán a pensar …

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How does being bilingual affect your brain? It depends on how you use language


XiXinXing/Shutterstock Vincent DeLuca, University of Birmingham Depending on what you read, speaking more than one language may or may not make you smarter. These mixed messages are understandably confusing, and they’re due to the fact that nothing is quite as simple as it’s typically portrayed when it comes to neuroscience. We can’t give a simple “yes” or “no” to the …

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