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Homo who? A new mystery human species has been discovered in Israel

Homo Yossi Zaidner Michelle Langley, Griffith University An international group of archaeologists have discovered a missing piece in the story of human evolution. Excavations at the Israeli site of Nesher Ramla have recovered a skull that may represent a late-surviving example of a distinct Homo population, which lived in and around modern-day Israel from about 420,000 to 120,000 years ago. …

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The world’s first professional acrobats were flipping through the Middle East 4,000 years ago

The Investiture of Zimri Lim Fresco from the palace of Mari gives us an image of royal ideology in the ancient Middle East. Louvre Museum, CC BY-SA Javier Alvarez-Mon, Macquarie University and Yasmina Wicks, Macquarie University Inhabitants of the ancient city-states of the Middle East enjoyed a vibrant social and economic life centred on palace and temple institutions, supported by …

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A history of sugar – the food nobody needs, but everyone craves

Sweeter Alternative/Flickr, CC BY-NC Mark Horton, University of Bristol; Philip Langton, University of Bristol, and R. Alexander Bentley, University of Houston It seems as though no other substance occupies so much of the world’s land, for so little benefit to humanity, as sugar. According to the latest data, sugarcane is the world’s third most valuable crop after cereals and rice, …

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Three ancient cities to rival London, Paris and New York

Daviegunn/Wikimedia commons

Daviegunn/Wikimedia commons Zena Kamash, Royal Holloway London, Paris and New York are global cities: modern hubs for travel, technology and trade, their names and images echo around the globe, capturing our imaginations with their distinctive histories, famous residents and iconic landmarks. Cities, such as these, which connect with the wider world become mixing pots for a rich interplay of diverse …

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