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Finds in Tanzania’s Olduvai Gorge reveal how ancient humans adapted to change

The research site at the Olduvai Gorge. Author supplied Julio Mercader Florin, University of Calgary The ability to adapt to changing environments has deep roots. In a technology-driven world, people tend to conflate adaptability with technological change, especially when it comes to navigating adverse climates and places. But not every technological revolution is a result of environmental change. Sometimes existing …

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Our fossil finger discovery points to earlier human migration in Arabia

: Ian Cartwright/Michael Petraglia/Palaeodeserts Project

: Ian Cartwright/Michael Petraglia/Palaeodeserts Project Huw Groucutt, University of Oxford The Arabian Peninsula is a vast landmass at the crossroads of Africa and Eurasia. Yet until the last decade almost nothing was known about early humans in the area. In the last few years the team I work with have made many remarkable discoveries in Saudi Arabia, but one thing …

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