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Noise pollution is hurting animals – and we don’t even know how much

If you don’t like noise, imagine how pets and other animals feel about it. Aleksey Boyko/Shutterstock Fay Clark, Anglia Ruskin University and Jacob Dunn, Anglia Ruskin University From construction projects to busy roads, aeroplanes and railways, human noise is everywhere. It is an invisible cause of stress, posing serious risks to human health and wellbeing. However, noise also harms animals …

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Pescatarians are right – why I say eating fish is more ethical than eating meat

Andreea Tudor/Shutterstock Martin Cohen, University of Hertfordshire Forget veggie burgers, fake bacon and cheese made from oats. For vegans at least, plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy products have long since gone mainstream. Alt-fish – food made from plants that mimics the taste and texture of fish, or real fish tissue grown from stem cells – is the next big …

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