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Conger ice shelf has collapsed: what you need to know, according to experts

Steve Allen/Shutterstock Hilmar Gudmundsson, Northumbria University, Newcastle; Adrian Jenkins, Northumbria University, Newcastle, and Bertie Miles, University of Edinburgh East Antarctica’s Conger ice shelf – a floating platform the size of Rome – broke off the continent on March 15, 2022. Since the beginning of satellite observations in the 1970s, the tip of the shelf had been disintegrating into icebergs in …

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The hopeful return of polar whales

Alexey Suloev/Shutterstock Lauren McWhinnie, Heriot-Watt University The bleak history of whaling pushed many species to the brink of extinction, even in the remote waters of the north and south poles. Over 1.3 million whales were killed in just 70 years around Antarctica alone. The scale of this industrial harvest completely decimated many populations of large whales in the Southern Ocean. …

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Humans threaten the Antarctic Peninsula’s fragile ecosystem. A marine protected area is long overdue


Shutterstock Marissa Parrott, University of Melbourne; Carolyn Hogg, University of Sydney; Cassandra Brooks, University of Colorado Boulder; Justine Shaw, The University of Queensland, and Melissa Cristina Márquez, Curtin University Antarctica, the world’s last true wilderness, has been protected by an international treaty for the last 60 years. But the same isn’t true for most of the ocean surrounding it. Just …

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