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Learning to read starts earlier than you might think: five tips from an expert

Learning to read. aijiro/Shutterstock Karen Boardman, Edge Hill University Learning to read does not begin when a child puzzles over the words in a book for the first time. In the early weeks of their lives and even before birth, babies are skilfully processing important information about the sounds they hear. They are attuning to tones, patterns of language and …

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Why gender reveals have spiraled out of control

It’s a … fire! Illustration by Anurag Papolu/The Conversation; photo by milorad kravic/iStock via Getty Images, CC BY-SA Jenna Drenten, Loyola University Chicago Over Labor Day weekend, two expectant parents didn’t get the viral hit they had hoped for. During a gender reveal party in Southern California, a “smoke-generating pyrotechnic device” was supposed to simply reveal a color – pink …

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