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Urban gardens are crucial food sources for pollinators – here’s what to plant for every season

A bumblebee visits a blooming honeysuckle plant. Sidorova Mariya | Shutterstock Nicholas Tew, University of Bristol; Jane Memmott, University of Bristol, and Katherine Baldock, Northumbria University, Newcastle Pollinators are struggling to survive in the countryside, where flower-rich meadows, hedges and fields have been replaced by green monocultures, the result of modern industrialised farming. Yet an unlikely refuge could come in …

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Pesticides: interactions between agrochemicals increase their harm to bees

Jinning Li/Shutterstock Harry Siviter, Royal Holloway University of London A doctor will always ask if you are on any other medication before they write you a prescription. This is because pharmaceuticals can interact with each other and potentially disrupt the treatment, or even harm the patient. But when agrochemicals, such as pesticides, are licensed for use on farms, little attention …

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Boosting bee diversity can help stabilise crop production – new research

A hornfaced bee on a catkin. Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH/Shutterstock Deepa Senapathi, University of Reading There are over 20,000 bee species and together they help pollinate more than 75% of the world’s leading food crops. Honeybees tend to hog the limelight, but few realise how important diversity is to this process. Having lots of different species of pollinating insects on farmland …

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Goldenrod honey: misinformation is causing a biological invasion of this Canadian weed

Jeffrey Hamilton/Unsplash, FAL Magdalena Lenda, Polish Academy of Sciences and Johannes M H Knops, Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University Refusal of vaccines, climate change denial, the spread of coronavirus, dangerous drug use – all can be linked to the rapid spread of misinformation over the internet. Our recently published study now adds a biological invasion to the list: Canadian goldenrod, a …

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Some bees are born curious while others are more single-minded – new research hints at how the hive picks which flowers to feast on

Working together to figure out where to eat. Cheyenne Montgomery/Moment via Getty Images

Working together to figure out where to eat. Cheyenne Montgomery/Moment via Getty Images Chelsea Cook, Marquette University When you try to pick a restaurant with a group of friends, how do you decide? Your curious friend wants to try the new place, while your focused friend wants to go to the old faithful. One friend is insistent, while the other …

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