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Ukraine war: fears that Belarus might invade on Russia’s side are growing

Stefan Wolff, University of Birmingham and Anastasiya Bayok, University of Hamburg As the war in Ukraine drags on and Russia’s attempts to gain significant ground in Donbas stall, concerns are being raised once again about the possibility of Belarus opening a second front. This, so the logic goes, would require Ukraine to redeploy forces from the front lines in the …

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Is the Belarus migrant crisis a ‘new type of war’? A conflict expert explains

LEONID SCHEGLOV/ BELTA / HANDOUT / EPA Sascha-Dominik (Dov) Bachmann, University of Canberra For months, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has been accused of using illegal migrants as a tool to punish the European Union for imposing sanctions on his regime. In July, Belarus loosened its restrictions on visas and increased flights on its state-run airline from the Middle East, allowing …

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