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What countries have nuclear weapons, and where are they?

A U.S. Air Force jet performs a test drop of a B61-12 bomb in December 2021. That bomb can contain a nuclear warhead for use in wartime. Los Alamos National Laboratory Miles A. Pomper, Middlebury and Vasilii Tuganov, Middlebury The Russian invasion of Ukraine has raised fears among the public about the use of nuclear weapons in Europe or against …

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Why the idea of a ‘neutral’ Ukraine is a non-starter in peace talks

Stefan Wolff, University of Birmingham and David Hastings Dunn, University of Birmingham Now that Russia and Ukraine have agreed to start negotiations at the Belarusian-Ukrainian border, one of the key questions is what should be on the agenda to provide a way out of the current crisis. One of Vladimir Putin’s stated justifications for his aggression against Ukraine is the …

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Some legislatures have held governments to account during COVID-19. But not all

Brazil’s Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello at a press conference about the distribution of nearly 6 million doses of a vaccine. Photo by Rodrigo Paiva/Getty Images Nic Cheeseman, University of Birmingham and Rebecca Gordon, University of Birmingham The coronavirus pandemic has gone hand-in-hand with considerable democratic backsliding. According to a new study, democratic freedoms were undermined in 83 countries from March …

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