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Do fitness trackers make you fitter?

Hype before evidence. www.shutterstock.com David A. Ellis, Lancaster University and Lukasz Piwek, University of Bath Nearly 20 million fitness trackers were sold last year. These digital devices – which track everything from heart-rate to the number of steps you take – are sold on the promise that they will help the owner lose weight and become fitter and happier. Unfortunately, …

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Los peligros de la inteligencia artificial y el uso del rostro humano en internet

Shutterstock / Trismegist san Javier Valls Prieto, Universidad de Granada; Ana Chapman, Universidad de Málaga, and Miriam Fernández-Santiago, Universidad de Granada Cada día compartimos fotografías nuestras y de otras personas en redes sociales. Este acto tan habitual nos expone a posibles delitos digitales contra la privacidad y la identidad personal. Se trata de un problema que aumenta si consideramos la …

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Pooling society’s collective intelligence helped fight COVID – it must help fight future crises too

Wisiel/Shutterstock Aleks Berditchevskaia, Nesta and Kathy Peach, Nesta A Global Pandemic Radar is to be created to detect new COVID variants and other emerging diseases. Led by the WHO, the project aims to build an international network of surveillance hubs, set up to share data that’ll help us monitor vaccine resistance, track diseases and identify new ones as they emerge. …

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