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A new understanding of how the human brain controls our hands – new research

Shutterstock/PopTika Stephanie Rossit, University of East Anglia Understanding how the brain controls certain actions – such picking up a knife in the correct way – is important for many reasons. One of these is working towards the development of brain-computer interfaces that may help people with artificial limbs control them, using their minds. Yet how the human brain controls our …

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Napping in the afternoon can improve memory and alertness – here’s why

Short and long naps both have benefits. Rawpixel.com/ Shutterstock John Axelsson, Karolinska Institutet and Tina Sundelin, Stockholm University Some people swear by an afternoon nap – whether it’s to catch up on lost sleep or to help them feel more alert for the afternoon ahead. Even Boris Johnson supposedly favours a power nap during his work day (though the prime …

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‘Male’ vs ‘female’ brains: having a mix of both is common and offers big advantages – new research

How androgynous are you? Thomas Piercy, University of Cambridge., Author provided Barbara Jacquelyn Sahakian, University of Cambridge; Christelle Langley, University of Cambridge; Qiang Luo, Fudan University, and Yi Zhang, University of Cambridge From advertising to the workplace, it is often assumed that men and women are fundamentally different – from Mars and Venus, respectively. Of course, we all know people …

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Six ways to ‘reboot your brain’ after a hard year of COVID-19 – according to science

It’s time to snap out of bad habits. Jolygon/Shutterstock, CC BY-SA Barbara Jacquelyn Sahakian, University of Cambridge; Christelle Langley, University of Cambridge, and Jianfeng Feng, Fudan University There’s no doubt that 2020 was difficult for everyone and tragic for many. But now vaccines against COVID-19 are finally being administered – giving a much needed hope of a return to normality …

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How does being bilingual affect your brain? It depends on how you use language


XiXinXing/Shutterstock Vincent DeLuca, University of Birmingham Depending on what you read, speaking more than one language may or may not make you smarter. These mixed messages are understandably confusing, and they’re due to the fact that nothing is quite as simple as it’s typically portrayed when it comes to neuroscience. We can’t give a simple “yes” or “no” to the …

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