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Conservation works better when local communities lead it, new evidence shows

Mangrove reforestation project in Belo-sur-Mer, southwestern Madagascar. Author, Author provided Neil Dawson, University of East Anglia; Brendan Coolsaet, Institut catholique de Lille (ICL), and Julián Idrobo, University of British Columbia We are currently facing a mass extinction of plants and animals. To remedy this, world leaders have pledged a huge expansion of protected areas ahead of the UN biodiversity summits …

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Some legislatures have held governments to account during COVID-19. But not all

Brazil’s Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello at a press conference about the distribution of nearly 6 million doses of a vaccine. Photo by Rodrigo Paiva/Getty Images Nic Cheeseman, University of Birmingham and Rebecca Gordon, University of Birmingham The coronavirus pandemic has gone hand-in-hand with considerable democratic backsliding. According to a new study, democratic freedoms were undermined in 83 countries from March …

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What the world can learn from clean energy transitions in India, China and Brazil

Jenson / shutterstock

Jenson / shutterstock Radhika Khosla, University of Oxford; Ajinkya Shrish Kamat, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Venkatesh Narayanamurti, Harvard University If the world is to transition to a climate-compatible future, much will turn on new innovations in clean energy and whether they can be deployed at a large scale. This is especially critical for emerging economies, which are developing their …

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