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How soon could carbon capture technology solve industry CO₂ shortages?

AYDO8/Shutterstock Peter Styring, University of Sheffield The recent spike in natural gas prices has closed many plants that make fertiliser in the UK – sending a shockwave through lots of other industries. This is because ammonia fertilisers are made from nitrogen and hydrogen, and the latter comes from breaking down natural gas – a process which gives off carbon dioxide …

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Blue hydrogen – what is it, and should it replace natural gas?

Alexander Limbach/Shutterstock Tom Baxter, University of Aberdeen Blue hydrogen is often touted as a low-carbon fuel for generating electricity and storing energy, powering cars, trucks and trains and heating buildings. But according to a new report by Cornell and Stanford University researchers in the US, it may be no better for the climate – and potentially a fair bit worse …

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Climate change: six priorities for pulling carbon out of the air

Dmitry Kovalchuk/Shutterstock Cameron Hepburn, University of Oxford and Steve Smith, University of Oxford To reach net zero emissions by 2050, global emissions must be cut faster and deeper than the world has yet managed. But even then, some hard-to-treat sources of pollution – in aviation, agriculture and cement making – may linger for longer than we would like. It will …

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