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Nobel Prize: two women scientists share chemistry prize for the first time for work on ‘genetic scissors’

Emmanuelle Charpentier (L) and Jennifer Doudna (R). J.L. Cereijido/EPA

Kalpana Surendranath, University of Westminster Emmanuelle Charpentier, director at the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology in Germany, and Jennifer Doudna, professor of biochemistry at the University of California, Berkeley, US, are the joint winners of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2020 for the development of a precise method of editing genomes. This is the first time two female scientists …

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If there is life on Venus, how could it have got there? Origin of life experts explain


Shutterstock Luke Steller, UNSW and Martin Van Kranendonk, UNSW The recent discovery of phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus is exciting, as it may serve as a potential sign of life (among other possible explanations). The researchers, who published their findings in Nature Astronomy, couldn’t really explain how the phosphine got there. They explored all conceivable possibilities, including lightning, volcanoes …

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