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Ukraine: why China is not yet bailing out Russia

Aglaya Snetkov, UCL and Marc Lanteigne, University of Tromsø As Russia’s war in Ukraine continues, China’s role has been thrown into sharp relief. Prior to the war, some commentators suggested that China would openly side with Russia or seek to act as a mediator – so far Beijing appears to have resisted doing either. As Qin Gang, China’s ambassador to …

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China’s long-term problems are forcing it to rethink the whole economy

Stuck in first gear. Yannes Kiefer/Unsplash Kent Matthews, Cardiff University The People’s Bank of China is encouraging Chinese banks to lend more to businesses and consumers by cutting the proportion of deposits that they have to hold as reserves by 0.5 percentage points to an average of 8.4% from December 15. It follows a similar cut in July, and is …

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