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Extra virgin olive oil: why it’s healthier than other cooking oils

The benefits of extra virgin olive oil might just make it worth the extra cost. Bruno D Andrea/ Shutterstock Richard Hoffman, University of Hertfordshire It’s common advice for people watching their waistlines or looking to eat healthier to beware of the amount of oil they use while cooking. But that doesn’t mean we should cut oil entirely from our diet. …

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Plant-based burgers: should some be considered ‘junk food’?

barmalini/ Shutterstock Richard Hoffman, University of Hertfordshire Plant-based diets have surged in popularity during the past few years. As a result, there’s been a boom in demand for plant-based alternatives to favourite foods – including meats, such as sausages and burgers. The plant-based meat alternatives industry is projected to see massive growth over the next few years. But there is …

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