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AI is increasingly being used to identify emotions – here’s what’s at stake

AI can be biased. aslysun/Shutterstock Alexa Hagerty, University of Cambridge and Alexandra Albert, UCL Imagine you are in a job interview. As you answer the recruiter’s questions, an artificial intelligence (AI) system scans your face, scoring you for nervousness, empathy and dependability. It may sound like science fiction, but these systems are increasingly used, often without people’s knowledge or consent. …

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Pooling society’s collective intelligence helped fight COVID – it must help fight future crises too

Wisiel/Shutterstock Aleks Berditchevskaia, Nesta and Kathy Peach, Nesta A Global Pandemic Radar is to be created to detect new COVID variants and other emerging diseases. Led by the WHO, the project aims to build an international network of surveillance hubs, set up to share data that’ll help us monitor vaccine resistance, track diseases and identify new ones as they emerge. …

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