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Napping in the afternoon can improve memory and alertness – here’s why

Short and long naps both have benefits. Rawpixel.com/ Shutterstock John Axelsson, Karolinska Institutet and Tina Sundelin, Stockholm University Some people swear by an afternoon nap – whether it’s to catch up on lost sleep or to help them feel more alert for the afternoon ahead. Even Boris Johnson supposedly favours a power nap during his work day (though the prime …

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People with depression can sometimes experience memory problems – here’s why

Depression affects our short-term memory. Lightspring/ Shutterstock Cynthia Fu, University of East London While we often associate depression with low mood, tiredness and feelings of hopelessness, less well known is that some people with depression may experience problems with their memory – such as feeling more forgetful than usual. Though memory problems aren’t discussed as widely as other symptoms, we …

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