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Les enfants ne comprennent pas les sarcasmes

Comprendre l’ironie implique également d’autres types de capacités que les compétences strictement linguistiques. Brian A Jackson /Shutterstock Mireia Orgilés, Universidad Miguel Hernández and José Pedro Espada, Universidad Miguel Hernández « Regarde si tu ne pourrais pas éclabousser encore un peu plus ! », dit un père à sa fille en réalisant que l’heure du bain a transformé la pièce en étang. La petite …

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What one Georgian family can teach us about writing letters in the age of Zoom

Zivica Kerkez/Shutterstock Rachel Smith, Cardiff University The pandemic has led to a huge increase in how often we use video calls (especially Zoom) to contact family, friends and loved ones across households. However, separation from loved ones is not new. From at least the 18th century, people have been communicating at a distance to maintain relationships. In an age before …

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What’s cellular about a cellphone?

Daniel Bliss, Arizona State University Editor’s note: Daniel Bliss is a professor of electrical engineering at Arizona State University and the director of the Center for Wireless Information Systems and Computational Architecture. In this interview, he explains the ideas behind the original cellular networks and how they evolved over the years into today’s 5G (fifth generation) and even 6G (sixth …

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Some bees are born curious while others are more single-minded – new research hints at how the hive picks which flowers to feast on

Working together to figure out where to eat. Cheyenne Montgomery/Moment via Getty Images

Working together to figure out where to eat. Cheyenne Montgomery/Moment via Getty Images Chelsea Cook, Marquette University When you try to pick a restaurant with a group of friends, how do you decide? Your curious friend wants to try the new place, while your focused friend wants to go to the old faithful. One friend is insistent, while the other …

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