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When will I be able to upload my brain to a computer?

We don’t know how much information the human brain can store. agsandrew/Shutterstock Guillaume Thierry, Bangor University READER QUESTION: I am 59 years old, and in reasonably good health. Is it possible that I will live long enough to put my brain into a computer? Richard Dixon. We often imagine that human consciousness is as simple as input and output of …

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How to be a god: we might one day create virtual worlds with characters as intelligent as ourselves

Virtual character may soon be smarter than us. Michelangelus/Shutterstock Richard A. Bartle, University of Essex Most research into the ethics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) concerns its use for weaponry, transport or profiling. Although the dangers presented by an autonomous, racist tank cannot be understated, there is another aspect to all this. What about our responsibilities to the AIs we create? …

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