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Cold showers are said to be good for you – here’s what the evidence shows

Lindsay Bottoms, University of Hertfordshire A cold shower in the morning is a pretty unpleasant way to start the day. Yet many have been tempted to take up the habit because being immersed in cold water has many purported health benefits, both physical and mental. Cold showers were first administered for health reasons in the early 19th century when doctors …

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Four health benefits of hugs – and why they feel so good

Our sense of touch is important for creating and maintaining social bonds. DimaBerlin/ Shutterstock Francis McGlone, Liverpool John Moores University and Susannah Walker, Liverpool John Moores University For many people, the thing they’ve missed most during the pandemic is being able to hug loved ones. Indeed, it wasn’t until we lost our ability to hug friends and family did many …

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