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Curious Kids: how likely is it that there are parallel universes and other Earths?

MingzhePhoton/Shutterstock Brianna Smart, University of Hertfordshire How likely is it that there are other Earths or that the multiverse exists? – Tasneem, aged 16, Indore, India In fiction and in films such as Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse, parallel universes – also called the multiverse – exist alongside our own, with anything from small differences in events to entirely different rules …

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Can the laws of physics disprove God?

Could God travel faster than the speed of light? robert_s/Shutterstock Monica Grady, The Open University I still believed in God (I am now an atheist) when I heard the following question at a seminar, first posed by Einstein, and was stunned by its elegance and depth: ‘If there is a God who created the entire universe and ALL of its …

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Galaxies eject gas when they merge, preventing new stars forming – new research

Elliptical galaxies are filled with extremely old stars. Igor Chekalin/Shutterstock.com Annagrazia Puglisi, Durham University Most stars in the universe today are found in massive galaxies called ellipticals, named for their stretched-out-circle shape. Unlike our own galaxy, which is a spiral with arms extending out from the centre, the edges of elliptical galaxies are smooth. At first glance, these galaxies might …

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