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Oxford vaccine results are in: here’s how to ensure it is used

Tom Solomon, University of Liverpool The Oxford vaccine – developed in partnership with AstraZeneca – stops 70% of people developing COVID symptoms. And, depending on how the doses are given, may even protect up to 90% of people. This follows recent announcements from Pfizer and from Moderna that their vaccines provide greater than 90% efficacy. The positive news about COVID-19 …

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COVID-19 vaccines are coming – how will we know they work and are safe?

Adam Kleczkowski, University of Strathclyde Pfizer and BioNTech have just released interim results of their COVID-19 vaccine trial. Although it is not the only vaccine in the late stages of testing, the large size and careful design of the trial, not to mention the promising results, have caused understandable enthusiasm around the world. As we get nearer the long-awaited start …

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