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COVID vaccines: why second boosters are being offered to vulnerable people in the UK – but not young and healthy people yet

nednapa/Shutterstock Rebecca Aicheler, Cardiff Metropolitan University Until recently, the UK government limited a fourth dose of the COVID vaccine to people with severely weakened immune systems over the age of 16. But, following a resurgence of COVID cases in the UK, the government has followed some other countries such as Israel, Germany and Sweden, and expanded the eligibility for a …

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How effective are vaccines against omicron? An epidemiologist answers 6 questions

Understanding how much protection a vaccine offers is not as simple as it sounds. Andriy Onufriyenko/Moment via Getty Images Melissa Hawkins, American University The pandemic has brought many tricky terms and ideas from epidemiology into everyone’s lives. Two particularly complicated concepts are vaccine efficacy and effectiveness. These are not the same thing. And as time goes on and new variants …

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