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COVID: why some people with symptoms don’t get tested

Kleber Cordeiro/Shutterstock Mark Graham, King’s College London Testing people with COVID symptoms has been a pillar of the UK’s pandemic response, reducing transmission by identifying and isolating those with the virus. But to be effective, it relies on people with symptoms getting tested, which raises an obvious question: what proportion of symptomatic people actually take a test? The ZOE COVID …

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Do lateral flow tests detect omicron? Your questions answered

Andrew Lee, University of Sheffield Just as we thought we understood COVID testing, along came omicron and raised a whole new bunch of questions. We asked Dr Andrew Lee, a reader in global public health, to answer them. The UK government website ran out of lateral flow tests. Does that mean I can’t get one anywhere? Lateral flow tests for …

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COVID-19: men create more antibodies after asymptomatic infections and keep them for longer – new research

maybealice/Shutterstock Jessica Williams, Cardiff Metropolitan University As COVID-19 has swept across the globe, it seems that high transmission rates have partly been driven by a large number of people catching the virus, not experiencing symptoms and then unknowingly passing it on. Despite this, the screening of asymptomatic people for signs of infection hasn’t been widespread, due to costs and limits …

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