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How Creative Commons works, and why it enables access to knowledge

The Copyright Amendment Bill will expedite the development of open educational resources. Shutterstock Denise Rosemary Nicholson, University of the Witwatersrand A big barrier to lifelong learning can be the cost of resources. There are worldwide initiatives to change this, though, and it’s helpful to know how to use these resources legally. One such arrangement is Creative Commons, considered to be …

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Textbooks could be free if universities rewarded professors for writing them

Universities have a responsibility to reduce barriers in student learning, and one way to do this is through creating textbooks that are free to students. (Min An/Pexels) James M. Skidmore, University of Waterloo Some student organizations have endorsed the social media campaign #textbookbroke to draw attention to the burdens placed on students by the high cost of learning materials. A …

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