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Cultural appropriation: when ‘borrowing’ becomes exploitation

Benin bronzes that were looted by British soldiers. flickr Olufunmilayo Arewa, University of California, Irvine The idea of “cultural appropriation” has recently entered mainstream debates about the ways in which African cultural creations are used, borrowed and imitated by others. In fashion, art, music and beyond, some people now argue that certain African cultural symbols and products are off-limits to …

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CGI influencers: when the ‘people’ we follow on social media aren’t human

Shanvood/Shutterstock Francesca Sobande, Cardiff University Social media influencers – people famous primarily for posting content online – are often accused of presenting artificial versions of their lives. But one group in particular is blurring the line between real and fake. Created by tech-savvy teams using computer-generated imagery, CGI or virtual influencers look and act like real people, but are in …

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