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Other casualties of Putin’s war in Ukraine: Russia’s climate goals and science

Katja Doose, University of Fribourg and Alexander Vorbrugg, Université de Berne As the European Union moves closer to an embargo deal on Russian oil, there is much talk about the impact of war-related sanctions on Europe’s energy transition and the world’s decarbonisation efforts. But the sanctions also have strong implications for Russia’s already slow and rather unsure green transition, be …

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Climate change: how economists underestimated benefits of action for decades

Dimtri Zenghelis, University of Cambridge The costs of doing nothing vastly outweigh the costs of decarbonising a global economy which, since the Industrial Revolution, has been powered by fossil fuels. That may seem self-evident today, when catastrophic fires and floods offer daily reminders of how expensive continued inaction on climate change is. But 15 years ago, that insight was ground-breaking. …

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COP26: here’s how much progress the UK has made on three key net zero pledges

Ashley Fly, Loughborough University; Grant Wilson, University of Birmingham, and Ljubomir Jankovic, University of Hertfordshire The UK is hosting the 26th annual UN climate summit in Glasgow. Boris Johnson’s government boasts of having the most ambitious climate change targets in the world. But how is the country’s progress to net zero emissions by 2050 going? We asked three experts to …

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