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Electric car sales are on the rise – is coronavirus a turning point for the market?

More people are reaching for an electric car. Shutterstock.com James Carroll, Trinity College Dublin Lockdowns across Europe to curb the coronavirus pandemic drastically changed how we move around the world. Work-from-home restrictions, furlough schemes and job losses left millions of cars gathering dust in driveways. It is not surprising that the demand for new cars plummeted. In Germany – Europe’s …

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Are plug-in hybrid cars worse for environment than factory tests suggest? It depends how you drive them


Petovarga/Shutterstock Ashley Fly, Loughborough University Currently accounting for 3% of new car sales, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles are sold as low-carbon alternatives to fossil fuel and conventional hybrid cars. But a new report threatens to shatter their green credentials. Research from the pressure groups Transport and Environment and Greenpeace has claimed that CO₂ emissions from plug-in hybrid cars are “two …

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