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Great headphones blend physics, anatomy and psychology – but what you like to listen to is also important for choosing the right pair

Headphone designers have to balance scientific limitations with human preferences. Vladimir Godnik via Getty Images Timothy Hsu, IUPUI Between music, podcasts, gaming and the unlimited supply of online content, most people spend hours a week wearing headphones. Perhaps you are considering a new pair for the holidays, but with so many options on the market, it can be hard to …

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Do the northern lights make sounds that you can hear?

John A Davis/Shutterstock Fiona Amery, University of Cambridge It’s a question that has puzzled observers for centuries: do the fantastic green and crimson light displays of the aurora borealis produce any discernible sound? Conjured by the interaction of solar particles with gas molecules in Earth’s atmosphere, the aurora generally occurs near Earth’s poles, where the magnetic field is strongest. Reports …

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