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Hiring friends and family might actually be good for business – new research

‘He’s a bit stupid but we go wayyyy back.’ fizkes Sheheryar Banuri, University of East Anglia Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta/Facebook, recently remarked in a podcast interview that when it came to hiring new staff, his preference was people whose “values aligned in the things that you care about”. This, he said, was akin to “choosing a friend or …

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How to narrow the gap between what universities produce and what employers expect

LumiNola/Getty Images

LumiNola/Getty Images Angelo Fynn, University of South Africa Higher education is usually seen as a way for individuals and families to improve their economic status. Research shows, though, that graduates can remain unemployed for up to a year. In developing countries, in particular, the labour force is often growing faster than the labour market. Graduate unemployment remains a reality for …

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