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Who wins as energy bills soar? Oil and gas companies

Ingvar Tjostheim/Shutterstock Jack Marley, The Conversation Your annual energy bill could rise by another £800 in October according to UK electricity and gas market regulator Ofgem, which is set to lift the cap on energy prices (the maximum that energy suppliers can charge customers on a default tariff) in the autumn. The cap was already raised by £693 last month, …

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How soaring inflation can be particularly harmful for young people

Shutterstock/SpeedKingz Shampa Roy-Mukherjee, University of East London; Ejike Udeogu, Coventry University, and Michael Harrison, University of East London Inflation rates have become almost impossible to ignore. In the UK, inflation has soared in recent months, now reaching 9% – the highest rate for 40 years. The Bank of England expects it to rise to 10% this year and for the …

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Ukraine: how the Russian invasion could derail the fragile world economy

Steve Schifferes, City, University of London The invasion of Ukraine comes at a delicate time for the world economy, which was just beginning to recover from the ravages of COVID. Russia’s war could now have far-reaching economic consequences, as financial markets tumble and the price of oil soars. A worrying comparison can even be made to the 1973 Yom Kippur …

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It’s time for states that grew rich from oil, gas and coal to figure out what’s next

A surface coal mine in Gillette, Wyoming, photographed in 2008. Greg Goebel/Flickr, CC BY-SA

A surface coal mine in Gillette, Wyoming, photographed in 2008. Greg Goebel/Flickr, CC BY-SA Bradley Handler, Colorado School of Mines; Matt Henry, University of Wyoming, and Morgan Bazilian, Colorado School of Mines These are very challenging times for U.S. fossil fuel-producing states, such as Wyoming, Alaska and North Dakota. The COVID-19 economic downturn has reduced energy demand, with uncertain prospects …

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