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Military history is repeating for Russia under Putin’s regime of thieves

Tony Ward, The University of Melbourne In explaining the reasons for Russia’s unexpected military weakness in Ukraine, few have expressed it better than The Economist. The magazine noted “the incurable inadequacy of despotic power” and “the cheating, bribery and peculation” that is “characteristic of the entire administration”. Peculation means embezzlement. It’s a word rarely used nowadays; these words were in …

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5 things to know about why Russia might invade Ukraine – and why the US is involved

Tatsiana Kulakevich, University of South Florida U.S. President Joe Biden said on Jan. 19, 2022, that he thinks Russia will invade Ukraine, and cautioned Russian president Vladimir Putin that he “will regret having done it,” following months of building tension. Russia has amassed an estimated 100,000 troops along its border with Ukraine over the past several months. In mid-January, Russia …

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Ukraine: crisis between Russia and the west in the region has been brewing for 30 years

Liana Semchuk, University of Oxford Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and Joe Biden, the US president, have held a two-hour “virtual summit” to discuss the escalating tensions in and around Ukraine. Biden voiced concerns about the build-up of Russian troops on the Ukraine border, while Putin sought assurances against the further eastward expansion of Nato. Little was reportedly settled, but the …

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