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COVID-19: does exercising really reduce the risk?

Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock Jamie Hartmann-Boyce, University of Oxford A new US study shows that people who are less physically active are more likely to be hospitalised and die with COVID-19. According to these new calculations, being inactive puts you at a greater risk from COVID-19 than any other risk factor except age and having had an organ transplant. If this …

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Does coffee burn more fat during exercise? What the evidence tells us

Participants consumed the equivalent of a tall brewed filter coffee 30 minutes before exercise. Pavel3d/ Shutterstock Neil Clarke, Coventry University Coffee, green tea and other caffeinated drinks are a popular way to start the morning. Not only does it give many people a much-needed boost, but caffeine can also help when it comes to fitness. Studies show it can help …

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Lost your motivation to work out? Here’s why – and how to get back on track

Motivation can steadily fade over time. New Africa/ Shutterstock Ian Taylor, Loughborough University In the early phases of lockdown, the streets were teeming with runners and living rooms were a blur of uncoordinated star jumps and lunges. In fact, physical activity levels in the UK peaked around mid-to-late May, just before lockdown restrictions began to be eased. Now, after months …

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Five tips to help you keep exercising this new year

Try choosing exercise you enjoy. Andrey_Popov/ Shutterstock Bradley Elliott, University of Westminster Exercising more is one of the most common new year resolutions people make. But more than a quarter of people fail to keep their resolutions, and only half maintain some of them. But if that still sounds daunting, here are five tips that may help you better keep …

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Group exercise may be even better for you than solo workouts – here’s why

During the pandemic, exercise classes and groups need to take social distancing guidelines into account. Noam Galai/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images L. Alison Phillips, Iowa State University and Jacob Meyer, Iowa State University Group exercise is very popular: Nearly 40% of regular exercisers participate in group fitness classes. In advance of the coronavirus pandemic, the American College of Sports …

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Winter exercise is important for maintaining physical and mental health

Exercise improves physical health, immunity, and can reduce fatigue. Maridav/ Shutterstock Ruth Lowry, University of Essex and Jo Barton, University of Essex As winter descends on the northern hemisphere and the temperature drops and daylight hours shorten, many people may want to spend more time indoors. And those of us under lockdown for the second time may feel even less …

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